The HaPPeN team

HaPPeN Project Manager


The HaPPeN team have just appointed a new project manager to assist in the development and delivery of our expanding portfolio of commercial and academic trials

Peripheral Nerve Research Lead: Dominic Power


Dominic Power is a Consultant Hand and Peripheral Nerve Surgeon and Honorary Lecturer in the University of Birmingham. He is the lead for peripheral nerve research in the HaPPeN team

Hand Surgery Lead: Mark Foster


Colonel Mark Foster is a military Plastic Surgeon and Hand Surgeon within the SRMRC in Birmingham and leads on Hand Surgery Research  for the HaPPeN team. He co-founded HaPPeN in 2014 and has developed IT solutions for trial delivery

Plastic Surgery and Pre-clinical Sciences Research Lead: Tomas Madura


Tomas Madura is a Consultant Hand and Peripheral Nerve Surgeon with an academic background in laboratory research who joined the team in 2017, providing an important link to pre-clinical research and advising on translational opportunities

Chief Investigator SUBMIT Trial: Rajive Jose


Rajive Jose is a Consultant Hand and Plastic Surgeon based at UHB and is the Chief Investigator for the 

multi-centre SUBMIT study. He has a strong background in research and medical education. He provides a valuable link between the hand surgery and plastic surgery disciplines

Hand Therapy Lead: Suzanne Beale


Suzanne Beale is a Research hand therapist who leads on hand and peripheral nerve outcomes research within the HaPPeN team. Sue joined the team at inception and advices on all aspects of rehabilitation and trial design

Physiotherapy Lead: Caroline Miller


Caroline Miller is a Research Physiotherapist and NIHR doctoral fellow, specialising in peripheral nerve injury and rehabilitation

Neurophysiology Research Lead: Colin Shirley


Colin Shirley is a Consultant Neurophysiologist at UHB and is the academic lead neurophysiology and electrotherapy for the HaPPeN team

Research Fellow: Joel Schneider


Joel Schneider is the current research fellow working within the HaPPeN team, assisting with trial set-up, management and running research clinics

HaPPeN Research Spasticity Lead: Petros Mikalef


Petros is a consultant hand surgeon at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham and an honorary consultant at the Birmingham Children's Hospital. His special interest is in the assent and management of spastic disorders.

HaPPeN Research Team Associate: Amit Nijran


Amit Nijran is a plastic Surgery trainee who is working with the HaPPeN team and the RSTN to roll out the Sensation NOW trial across the UK. The study is a prospective registry study recording the Breast Q and sensation in patients having autologous breast reconstruction

HaPPeN Research Studentship: Alex Baldwin


Alexander Baldwin is a medical student at Birmingham University and is working with the HaPPeN team to develop the ENTRAP study which is evaluating the outcome after distal decompression of regenerating nerves after proximal continuity injuries


HaPPeN PPI Group

HaPPeN PPI: Patient and Public Involvement Group

The HaPPeN team has a PPI group to help shape the direction of research in hand, plastic and peripheral nerve surgery. Patient consultation is essential to produce meaningful research studies and ensure that the design is acceptable without creating unnecessary follow-up burden. Study information sheets, consent forms and lay summaries are compiled with intense scrutiny and revision based on this important feedback. Grant awarding bodies and Research Ethics Committees require patient consultation and where possible a patient representative on a trial string committee. 

The HaPPeN team has been pro-active in developing an expert panel who have ensured that patients remain at the centre of the research we undertake. The PPI members volunteer their time and the HaPPen team contributes to their expenses. 

The PPI group has members both former patients, current patients and volunteers who provide guidance specifically targeted to the area of research within the research domain.

There is an annual dissemination event for PPI members hosted through the SRMRC and a monthly newsletter detailing for our members detailing the HaPPeN team's activity and trial progress. Should you wish to get involved and become a PPI member please contact us using the link. 

HaPPeN PPI Group

The HaPPeN PPI group covers the breadth of the research and provides essential input to trial design and delivery that ensures that all our research remains focused on our patients. Should you wish to find out more please register your interest using the link below.

HaPPeN Research Lead for Peripheral Nerve

Dominic Power MA MB BChir Cantab FRCS FRCS Tr&Orth

Dominic Power is a Consultant Hand and Peripheral Nerve Surgeon at the Birmingham Hand Centre and co-founder of the West Midlands Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Injury Service. His clinical work is predominantly focused on the management of nerve injury, paralysis and nerve pain. In 2014 he co-founded the HaPPeN research group to develop high quality clinical trials in Hand Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Peripheral Nerve Surgery. He was appointed as an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in the School of Inflammation and Ageing at the Birmingham University Medical School and a Senior Academic Clinical Fellow at the Aston University Medical School in 2018. 

He is a member of the research committee for the BSSH (2018-2020) in the UK. He is a member of the ESPNR (European Society for the Study of Peripheral Nerve Repair and Regeneration) and adviser to the IFSSH subcommittee on peripheral nerve surgery in the UK. 

In 2018 he established the UK Peripheral Nerve Clinical Research Network (UK-PNCRN) to link with other specialists in the UK and facilitate research collaboration and  translation of laboratory research to clinical practice, enabling rapid evaluation of new technologies. 

Dominic is the lead for peripheral nerve surgery in the HaPPeN team and is the Principle Investigator for CoNNECT, Protect NEURO, Cat-Pinch, Scoping, MAP and COMBINE studies. 

He is the Chief Investigator for the RANGER, Match and Sensation NOW studies in the UK. 

In 2018 Dominic joined as co-applicant with the NDORMS trials unit in Oxford and the RSTN for the NEON project, developing a multi-centre study proposal in response to the NIHR HTA call for a UK surgical study to evaluate digital nerve repair. 

His research interests include scar free healing in peripheral nerve repair, optimising neural regeneration and exploring the potential for axon fusion repair after transection nerve injury.

He has more than 100 peer reviewed publications and during the last 5 years he and his team has delivered more than 150 research podium and poster presentations at national and international academic meetings and conferences.In 2018 he was the guest editor for the Journal of Musculoskeletal Medicine and Research special edition on Peripheral Nerve Surgery which was published in Q1 2019.

He has a major commitment to medical education teaching orthopaedics, plastics and neurosurgery trainees on several national and regional training programmes. He is regularly invited to lecture on advanced peripheral nerve surgery reconstruction with more than 200 lectures delivered in the last 5 years. He delivers practical technique training with UK and international basic, advanced and nerve transfer surgery cadaveric workshops. He is the invited international faculty lead for the Singapore "Advances in Peripheral Nerve Surgery" course is now in its 5th year. He is a faculty member for the WAPS Plastic Surgery courses in the UK and delivers lectures and tutorials on brachial plexus surgery, examination and tendon transfers to candidates preparing for the FRCS Plast examination.

Dominic teaches undergraduate programmes in anatomy and nerve surgery in Birmingham and is the module lead for nerve for the Uk hand diploma delivering tutorials and work based assessments for the Birmingham hand fellowship and the UK interface fellows in hand surgery. He has a research group with supervision of  candidates at various stages of their research and clinical medical careers. He supervises BSc anatomy students and MSc Neurosciences, MSc Trauma (Birmingham) and MSc Hand Surgery (Manchester) programmes in the UK. 

Dominic was appointed as the chief editor for the OrthOracle Hand, Wrist and Peripheral Nerve Atlas in 2017. OrthOracle is a digital platform delivering high quality procedural training with enhanced CPD. The platform is accredited by the Royal Colleges of Surgeons in the UK and the British Orthopaedic Association. Dominic has delivered more than 30 chapters and the team have contributed and edited more than 100 hand surgery procedures, producing the largest available procedure archive for hand and nerve surgery.

Dominic's clinical interests include peripheral nerve injury, adult brachial plexus injury, spasticity surgery, nerve transfer surgery and the surgical management of nerve pain. The unit in Birmingham has grown to receive more than 80 complex nerve referrals per month in addition to the 50 new cases seen and treated with hand trauma at the Birmingham Hand Centre. 

He has considerable experience as a consultant, providing guidance to the medical devices industry on product development, utility, surgeon training, market development and clinical trial design. He has provided guidance to investment firms for the biomedical sector.


HaPPeN Research Lead for Hand Surgery

Colonel Mark Foster

Lt Col. Foster spent 10 years in the British Army, including eight years in pathology before studying medicine at the University of Manchester. After graduating, he undertook the Army Entry Officers Course before completing his senior house officer training at hospitals in Surrey and Bristol.

He then had trauma placements as a registrar in South Africa and Bristol before deploying to Iraq for Operation Telic.

Since then he has focused increasingly on hand trauma and plastic surgery as his clinical specialty while maintining a strong interest academic research and teaching. He took up his current post in February 2011.

Lt Col. Foster is a keen SCUBA diver. He is an Advanced Instructor with the British Sub-Aqua Club and has completed the Underwater Medicine Course at the Institute of Naval Medicine, Portsmouth.


HaPPeN Research Hand Therapist

Suzanne Beale DipCOT MSc Hand Therapy

Suzanne is a Senior Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist (Band 8a) at the Birmingham Hand Centre specialising within the field of upper limb therapy.

The role includes academic hand therapy with education and professional development responsibilities and research therapy leadership for the Hand, Plastics and Peripheral Nerve Research Network (HaPPeN) within the Birmingham Hand Centre at UHB.

Sue is leading and supporting a number of projects that are clinician and therapy led locally and nationally.  She is the chief investigator for SCOPING - a clinical rehabilitation study evaluating the predictive capabilities of early clinical signs and thermographic imaging in the recovery of mixed motor-sensory nerve injury.

Sue is a member of  the British Association of Hand Therapists Clinical Evidence Committee (BAHT CEC). She is a reviewer for the BAHT Journal, Hand Therapy.

Sue has a major interest in education and leads  BAHT level II training courses on the Surgery and Therapy Management following Flexor and Extensor tendon repair. She is the training lead for hand therapy for the BSSH Diploma for Surgery of the Hand for the Birmingham Hand Fellowship programme. Her clinical interests are hand trauma and rehabilitation of tendon and nerve transfers for the management of upper limb paralysis.


HaPPeN Research Lead for Physiotherapy

Caroline Miller

Caroline Miller is a senior clinical physiotherapist based at UHB working in the Shoulder / Upper Limb team and the Peripheral Nerve team. She has been a founding member of the HaPPeN team since its inception. She is the lead investigator for the MAP and CoMBInE studies at UHB and her in nerve injury evaluation is instrumental to the delivery of the HaPPeN trials portfolio.

She was awarded an NIHR doctoral fellowship and is currently undertaking her part-time PhD which aims to achieve consensus from patients, therapists and reconstructive peripheral nerve surgeons on a core outcome dataset for the assessment of adult traumatic brachial plexus injuries.


HaPPeN Research Lead Plastic Surgery & Pre-clinical Sciences

Tomas Madura MD(Hons), PhD, MRCS(Ed), FRCS(Plast), Dipl. Hand Surg.(BSSH)

Tomas  Madura is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon specialising in hand and peripheral nerve surgery working at the Birmingham Hand Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. 

He is also a Honorary Senior Research Associate in the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing at the University of Birmingham. He is a member of the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons,  European Society for the Study of Peripheral Nerve Repair and Regeneration and sits on the research committee of the British Society for the Surgery of the Hand (2017-2019). 

Tomas has been involved in the basic and translational research in the field of posttraumatic regeneration of the peripheral nerve since the year 2002. During his PhD studies at the Department of Molecular Neuroscience, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine he investigated molecular mechanisms underlying the regeneration after injury to spinal cord and peripheral nerves. 

He then moved to the University of Manchester as the NIHR Clinical Lecturer, where he continued his postdoctoral research alongside clinical training in plastic surgery. His focus turned to the tissue-engineering and stem-cells based approaches to improve nerve regeneration after injury.  Tomas has a proven track record in formulating high-impact research topics, securing funding, supervising researchers at various levels and disseminating scientific findings on national an international fora. 

He joined the HaPPeN team in 2017. His research activities are currently split between preparing  the RhINO-P trial and establishing a basic science group at the Institute to investigate novel and immediately-translatable approaches in the field of nerve surgery.


HaPPeN Research Project Manager

HaPPeN Project Manager

The HaPPen team are delighted to announce that they have appointed a new project manager to assist in the development and delivery of exciting new trial s in peripheral nerve surgery. The PM will lead the existing team and ensure that the HaPPeN portfolio continues to expand to bring world leading research to UHB.


HaPPeN Research Fellow

Joel Schneider

Joel joined the HaPPeN team as the new research fellow in August 2018 . He brings skills in programming and database development and management in addition to his clinical skills. He is focussed on maintaining recruitment targets and data handling for the RANGER, Match, Submit and CoNNECT trials. 


HaPPeN Research Chief Investigator SUBMIT

Rajive Jose

Rajive is. a Consultant Hand and Plastic Surgeon based within the Birmingham Hand Centre at UHB and at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. He is an expert hand surgeon, teacher and researcher. He is the Chief Investigator for the Summit multi centre RCT study in metacarpal fracture management.


HaPPeN Peripheral Nerve Spasticity Lead

Petros Mikalef

Petros Mikalef is a Hand and Spasticity surgeon who works at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham and has an honorary consultant appointment at the Birmingham Children's Hospital where he supports the team in managing spasticity from cerebral palsy. 

He works for NPP in the Midlands, assessing and managing patients with Spasticity. He has completed Fellowship training in Hand Surgery and in Spasticity Surgery and written extensively on spasticity management. His classification system for surgical neurectomy is adopted internationally.

He is a member of the Surgery panel for the Consensus Committee on the Management of post-stroke spasticity at the World Conger on Spasticity scheduled for Okinawa, Japan, 2020.

Petros provides support to the peripheral nerve and hand teams in HaPPeN and is developing an animal model to evaluate interventions for spasticity, a device for improving the results of neurectomy and a clinical trial to evaluate elective neurectomy in the management of upper limb spasticity after stroke.


About Us

Past Happen Research Fellowships

Katie Young 2014-2015 - Junior Research Fellowship

Katie Young approached the team at the Birmingham Hand Centre in 2014, requesting an opportunity to develop a research trial in hand surgery. The timing was perfect as Mark Foster and Dominic Power were in the process of developing an enhanced research profile for the unit and building a team committed to clinical research in the reconstructive surgery specialities.

Katie brought considerable prior research experience to the team and helped to set up the research infrastructure for trial delivery. During her year with us the protocol for the SUBMIT trial was processed through the necessary internal and external regulatory approvals, a pump priming grant was raised and the trial was brought to the newly formed HaPPeN team's portfolio. 

Katie was also instrumental in facilitating UHB joining the SWIFFT trial, a multi-centre randomised controlled trial evaluating clinical outcomes after scaphoid waist fractures.

Katie assisted in the development of hand therapy rehabilitation videos for patient information and subsequent evaluation as part of the EPIC study. She also produced an award winning video demonstrating the technique of nerve transfer reconstruction for a midcervical tetraplegic spinal cord injury. The video was selected for presentation at the ASSH meeting.

Katie completed her trauma MSc during her time in Birmingham as part of this programme she undertook the preliminary work for the ADaPT study, a clinical trial in poly trauma patients. She received two research grant awrds for this work.

Katie published the SUMBIT trial protocol during her time in Birmingham and additionally she had multiple podium and poster presentations of her research work at UK and international scientific congresses.

After completion of her 12 months research fellowship, Katie took up a plastic surgery training post in the London deanery.


Tom Pidgeon 2015 - Academic Foundation Trainee

Tom joined the team in 2015 to deliver the CaT-PINCH study as part of his AFT fellowship. Tom is a junior plastic surgeon who worked with us prior to commencing his specialist registrar training in the West Midlands.

CaT-PINCH was a collaboration with the SyMon Lab at the University of Birmingham and evaluated subtle changes in grip and the effect of perturbation in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. 


Bafiq Nizar 2015-2017- Junior Research Fellowship

Bafiq Nizar joined the HaPPeN team in 2015 and worked for 18 months, initially full-time and later in a job share with Eva O'Grady whilst undertaking some clinical work in Hand and Plastic Surgery at the Birmingham Hand Centre.

He had completed basic surgical training and a research position in Ireland prior to  starting this post. 

During his time with HaPPeN he undertook the Integrated Research Application for CoNNECT and contributed to the management of the SUBMIT study at UHB. He undertook preliminary audits for the RANGER and MATCH studies at HaPPeN, estimating potential recruitment rates.

He contributed to the recruitment monitoring for SUBMIT and work towards setting up SUBMIT as a multi-centre trial.


Eva O'Grady 2016-2017 - Junior Research Fellowship

Eva O' Grady joined the team in August 2016 after completing her initial surgical training in Ireland. 

During her time in Birmingham she worked on multiple projects at many different stages including SUBMIT (trial administration), CONNECT (trial launch and clinician education), PROTECT NEURO (local administration and assistance with recruitment), UNDER (preliminary research) and RANGER (regulatory approvals and documentation for UK arm). 

Following completion of a 1-year fellowship Eva went on to a Plastic Surgery training post in the East of England. 


The Birmingham Peripheral Nerve Fellows

Pieter Jordaan Nerve Fellow 2018


Pieter Jordaan is a South African orthopaedic surgeon who spent 12 months in Birmingham before returning to a specialist Nerve and Hand Surgery private practice in George, South Africa in 2019.  During his time in Birmingham his research included RANGER and WRAP study set-up.

Tomas Madura Nerve Fellow 2017-2018


Tomas Madura was appointed as a nerve fellow in Birmingham after he completed his academic and surgical training in plastic surgery in Manchester. We are fortunate that he has stayed don in the unit as a locum consultant in hand and nerve surgery.

Tahseen Chaudhry Nerve Fellow 2016-2017


Tahseen Chaudhry was appointed as a nerve fellow in Birmingham at the end of his West Midlands Deanery orthopaedics and trauma training programme. He has remained in the unit as a locum consultant in hand and peripheral nerve surgery.

Shakeel Dustagheer Nerve Fellow 2015-2016


Shakeel joined the team in Birmingham after completing a plastic surgery training programme in Northern Ireland and trauma fellowship in Birmingham. He worked with HaPPeN to develop research infrastructure in nerve surgery. He has been appointed as a consultant plastic surgeon oil Belfast where he maintains his interest in hand surgery, nerve surgery and limb reconstruction.

Mo Nassimizadeh Nerve Fellow 2014-2015


Mo joined the team as a junior nerve and hand fellow while applying for higher surgical training in plastic surgery. He was subsequently appointed to the West Midlands plastic surgery training programme and still maintains research links with the HaPPeN team.

Anuj Mishra Nerve Fellow 2013-2014


Anuj joined the nerve team after completing an ATP Interface fellowship in hand surgery in Birmingham. He was subsequently appointed as a consultant hand and plastic surgeon in Manchester where he continues to maintain a major interest in peripheral nerve surgery.

HaPPeN Student Research Fellowships

Joseph Ward MSc 2016


Joseph completed an MSc developing an combined algorithm using nerve and tendon transfers for upper limb reconstruction after tetraplegic spinal cord injury

Isabel Guy BSc Anatomy 2017-18


Isabel completed a BSc Anatomy project in 2017-18 evaluating the 10-year Birmingham epidemiological data for infraclavicular brachial plexus injuries and developed a novel nerve transfer to restore hand function after medial cord injury

Daniel Guerero BSc Anatomy 2017-18


Daniel completed a BSc Anatomy in 2017-18 defining patterns of injury to the infraclavicular plexus and developed a novel staged nerve transfer for finger flexion, thumb flexion and intrinsic function in high grade medial cord injury

Richard Jones BSc Anatomy 2018-2019


Richard completed a BSc Anatomy project in 2018-19 evaluating the feasibility of soleus nerve transfer to  restore paralysis below the knee.

Lewis Turner BSc Anatomy 2018-19


Lewis completed a BSc Anatomy in 2018-19 reviewing the outcomes of 7 years of Oberlin nerve transfers and variations and sub-analyses for differing pathologies contributing to paralysis

Devanshi Jimulia BSc Anatomy 2018-19


Devanshi undertook a BSc Anatomy project in 2018-19 evaluating the posterior approach for supra scapular nerve exposure, With nerve transfer and the clinical outcomes from triceps to axillary nerve transfer using the medial triceps as donor